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Doctor Xie

She is among the first going to medical school after the Cultural Revolution. At age 16, she passed the exams and went to one of the best medical schools in China, where she met her future husband. While many of her classmates eventually went abroad and pursued new lives in the Western world, earning good …

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Thangka and Shakyamuni

Tibetan are good at using minerals. They use minerals for medicine, construction, and painting. The art form of using mineral is the Thangka painting. The gold color comes from the fine gold dust, the blue color from the fine blue gem dust, and the green color from the fine green gem dust, so on and …

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Ascend to the Cloud through Five Prisms

Ascend to the Cloud Computing through Five Prisms – Every CIO should look at the Cloud implementation through the following five prisms: finance, services, governance, risks, and processes. We should carefully address the following five questions:

1. Does the business model of cloud computing address the immediate financial bottom line?
2. Have we clearly articulated in business terms the impact of cloud computing on our business processes?
3. Are we prepared to operate and govern a multi-host multi-tenancy computing ecosystem?
4. Are we clear what the risks and performance metrics are?
5 What IT services do we select as the first wave of Cloud Services?

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